CAAS Monthly Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Jim Dixon

August 9, 2003


Don Lewis called the August 9th meeting to order at 7:00. There were 13 members and guests present. Former member Steve Block joined us.

Old business:

  • Earlier in the day, a work pary consiting of Kyle & Preston Edwards, Robert L. Baker, and Don Lewis mowed and weed-ate the grounds.
  • The July 26th Wooly Hollow Star Party was considered a success. A large number of members attended and a larger number of vistors.

New Business:

  • On August 30th, there will be a star party will be held at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. As this is just days after Mars’ closest approach, that may translate into a large turnout.
  • Changes to the East Observatory were discussed. The plans discussed earlier in the year turned out to be more expensive than expected. We discussed placing the 8″ Meade on the tall pier and then building a smaller elevated deck around the pier. Regardless of what we decide to do, a certain amount of repair needs to be made to that building or we could lose it.

The sky was mostly clear although the gibbousl Moon was up and the attendees retired to the observing area to see what they could see.