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Founded in 1971, the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society strives to connect the people of central Arkansas with their universe by promoting amateur astronomy activities for its members and by providing information and programs to the general public. Membership offers monthly programs, special outings, and the opportunity to share this hobby with others. No one is under qualified for membership. Experience levels range from novice sky watchers to skilled observers. You can contact us at

CANCELLED — Free Public Star Party at Woolly Hollow State Park on November 22nd

Cancelled due to Weather

Join CAAS on November 22nd on the beach at Woolly Hollow State Park for a free public star party. We CAASiopeians will set up scopes by the lake from 7 PM to 10 PM to Cancshare our passion for the night sky with you! Bring your kids, if you don’t have any, bring your parents, but be there.


Next Monthly Meeting November 8 at 6PM

So an Anasazi Indian, a Pre-Renaissance painter and Van Gogh walk into a bar…
They talk about painting, techniques and materials. But they also talk about astronomy–the stars and planets, the phenomena that influenced them.Join us for “Astronomy in Art” on Saturday November 8. CAAS member Stephen Caldwell will take us on a journey of art and astronomy, from rock paintings and frescos to more modern works.
In addition Steve Block will present a program on an under appreciated, vain queen.  Cassiopeia with the Milky Way passing through her, contains many interesting deep sky and stellar objects.  Great for Binoculars. One of the original 48 constellations presented by Ptolemy, she graces our northern sky every night of the year with her easily recognizable W shape.
With daylight savings time over we are moving to our winter schedule, Supper Bowl at 5:00 pm will feature Beef Stew and Fiesta Chicken.  Proceeds from these meals are actually paying our mortgage on many improvements still being made at River Ridge Observatory.  Preregister to help us determine quantities, but usually there is enough for the few who decide to attend late.

The Moon will be a few days past full so if weather permits we should have some time to observe before it rises. If you need directions, contact us at info at

The Bulletin – November 2014 Newsletter of the Astronomical Society of South Australia Inc

Front cover of ASSA November 2014 Issue of The Bulletin