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Founded in 1971, the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society strives to connect the people of central Arkansas with their universe by promoting amateur astronomy activities for its members and by providing information and programs to the general public. Membership offers monthly programs, special outings, and the opportunity to share this hobby with others. No one is under qualified for membership. Experience levels range from novice sky watchers to skilled observers. You can contact us at

River Ridge Observatory Nature Trail

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Bill Engberg, Bruce & Robert McMath plus Chris Lasley & Danny Flippo and Jack & Jim Dixon, the RRO now has a nature trail that winds around to the south of the observing field from the fire pit back to the parking lot.  Thank you!

caas nature trail

Major Upgrade for the River Ridge Observatory Robotic Research Telescope

RRT New Mount

I am happy to report that the RRORRT is back online and ready for use.
Back in November, the mount for the LX 200 gave out. Dr. Jeff Robertson was able to get funding for a new mount. The Astrophysics 1100GTO is more reliable and opens up greater opportunities for astrophotography and more precise observing runs with fewer errors.
A couple of weekends ago, Jeff, Chris Lasley, Danny Flippo and I met up at RRO to install the new mount.

On Friday, Jeff went up and mounted the LX200 OTA. Saturday evening Danny and Chris finished the installation and performed and necessary alignments and it had its first run last night. There may be some tweaks to the system in the coming weeks, but for all intents and purposes, the RRORRT is now available.
Thank you to Jeff for making this new mount happen, and to Danny and Chris for their expertise. And, a big thanks to you, our users. Your interest in and support for this project has taken it from “proof of concept” and helped the RRORRT to evolve into a more serious platform for photometry and astrophotography.
2016 is going to be an exciting year!

Stephen Caldwell, RRORRT Project Manager (CAAS)

Regular Monthly Meeting Saturday February 27 at 6 PM

CAAS Monthly Meeting
Join us on February 27th at 6 PM for our regular monthly meeting, 5 PM if you are going to join us for the supper bowl. We’ll have a presentation (to be determined) and observing afterward if conditions allow. As always, meetings of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society are open to the public.

Supper bowl will be at 5PM. Price will be $5 each. Please RSVP so we will know how much to make.

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