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Founded in 1971, the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society is a member-owned, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to promoting amateur astronomy and recreational sky watching in central Arkansas, as well as bringing the reality of the universe closer to the general public. The membership is diverse in every dimension, the one common element being a shared interest in astronomy and science.

Come share a meteor shower with us at our Dark Sky Observing site.

There are few natural spectacles more enthralling than laying under a dark temperate sky during a meteor shower. Few people have ever had the experience because so many things have to come together. First, there are only a few good showers during the year and these have to align with moonless nights. In many years that mean there are no good showers at all. Also, one needs dark cloud-free skies and a willingness to stay up late, which can be tough to do unless the shower peaks on the weekend during a temperate time of the year.

This year it is all lining up for the Orionids, which should peak during Saturday night Oct. 21st after the two-day-old crescent moon has set. October happens to be a time of year that frequently presents clear skies and crisp nights.

So, if the clouds behave, we have a good chance to enjoy the Orionids, one of the best showers each year. The product of Halley’s comet, at its peak, the Orionids produce a minimum of 20 to 30 high-speed bright meteors each hour and sometimes much more.

This special event follows our montly club meeting, which is always open to the public, but if you want to join us for the shower, we ask that you register below. This is so we can limit attendance if need be. This wil l also allow us to send you some recommendations on how to prepare and what to bring and alas advise on the weather. If you do come, you should plan on staying at least till midnight.  If you like we have some room to pitch some tents.


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Saturday October 14 – Public Star Party at Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Join CAAS and our friends at Pinnacle Mountain State Park for a free star party. Weather permitting, we’ll set up telescopes at the Visitor Center and show your universe.

Location: Pinnacle Mountain State Park, 11901 Pinnacle Valley Rd, Roland, AR 72135

Saturday September 16 Regular Monthly Meeting at 7 PM, Supper Bowl at 6

CAAS Monthly Meeting banner

Join us at 7 PM for our regular monthly meeting, 6 PM if you are going to join us for the SupperBowl.

There will be presentations . If conditions allow, there will be observing afterward.

As always, meetings of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society are open to the public.

Supper Bowl price will be $6 each.

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