Rainy Night at Pinnacle Mountain State Park Star/Mars Party

posted by Jim Dixon

August 31, 2003

Well, it wasn’t so much the clouds as the rain and lightning. We had a surprisingly good turnout considering the weather, I’m guessing at least 200 visitors. Pam from the UALR planetariium gave a Mars oriented presentation. In fact, she gave it twice due to the size of the crowd. The room had seats for about 80 and there were about 70 people the second time around. Plus a number of people left before the presentations when the park interpretor announced that there would be no live viewing. After Pam left, Don Lewis told the crowd about CAAS and then John Reed and David Reynolds presented some of the images of Mars that we’ve taken.

There was some talk of rescheduling the event. No doubt we would lose some of the crowd but stay tuned.