CAAS Monthly Meeting Minutes

Submitted by John Reed, club president

August 17, 2002

John Reed began the meeting by noting that the Perseids Meteror Shower was begining. Several added that the peak would be on the following Monday night. Later several members that stayed late saw several early earth grazers. Of course as with all showers the best show is after midnight.

Chris Lasley talked breifely about his backyard observatory project. He has installed the motors which control the dome movement. More to come.

The Astro Physics mount has been moved from the old 6″ building to Chris’ old building. A little work remains to adapt the mount to the pier that is already installed there.

It appears that David Reynolds, our program chairman, may be leaving us. If so we will surely miss him. This will leave a hole in that position. If anyone wants to be program chair let me know.

A Boy Scout group from Conway has asked to use the property in December. A date has yet to be set.

Chris Lasley has donated a computer to the club which has a planetarium program for member’s use. Thanks Chris.