CAAS Monthly Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Lenny Bradberry, club secretary

July 19, 2002

The meeting was called to order by President John Reed.

There were 12 members present.

John summarized the issues discussed in the Board meeting held earlier. He then reviewed selected news items in the Jul/Aug issues of Sky & Telescope magazine.

Old Business

Pat and Sandy Morris gave a report on the Pinnacle Star Party. There were three scopes available for viewing. There wasn’t a particular good turnout for this event.

Carl Freyaldenhoven said that he and others observed the July 10th lunar eclipse at Pinnacle.

New Business

Terry Johnson said that there will be a Star Party at Wolly Hollow State park north of Conway of Saturday, July 27th. All members are welcomed to attend.

Terry briefed the club on activities currently ongoing for getting a planetarium in the state. A feasibility study has been made. The site chosen is tentatively identified as being in Conway. Matching funds have been provided by the Science Advisory Group and the Board of Education. Timeline for planetarium to be available within the next two years. Clubs are encouraged to submit requirements for useage. Anyone with contacts, such as corportations or individuals, who would like to contribute money to this project are encouraged to contact Terry.


Chris Lasley showed a slide show of his backyard Home-Dome project titled “The Backyard Observatory”. From his backyard Chris will be able to do all his CCD work without leaving the comfort of his home, except for some adjustments, problems, etc. A future capability would include remote operation away from home. A good presentation.

President John Reed adjourned the meeting.

Sky conditions did not present itself for any good viewing that night.