Saturday August 27 – Regular Monthly Meeting at 7 PM – In Person and Zoom

CAAS Monthly Meeting banner


Join us Saturday, August 27th at 7 PM either in person at the RRO or via Zoom.  The Zoom details will be available to all members and to members of the public who ask a few days beforehand. 

Presenters on tap are Kent Marts from Explore Scientific in Springdale and our very own Michael Borrelli. Kent will discuss the efforts of NWA Space to house and operate a 24” refractor, yes refractor, in the Rogers area. Michael will discuss inexpensive ways to do Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA) and Astrophotography.

We know the Moon will be out of the way, hopefully the weather will cooperate, and members will want to set up on the observing field.

The Zoom meeting details will be sent to all members before the meeting and if you would like to attend but aren’t a member, email us at 

Members are still welcome to come to site on any clear night.