Celestron AVX Mount for Sale

For Sale – Celestron AVX Mount


Hi there! My name is Chad Binns. I’m a CAAS alumnus who will be moving out of state later this year and would like to sell my Celestron AVX equatorial mount and accessories. I purchased this mount ~5 years ago and have only logged about 20 hours of use on it. This sale includes:

  • Celestron AVX Mount
  • NexStar+ GoTo hand control
  • Tripod and eyepiece/barlow holder
  • Polar alignment scope (not yet installed, but installs inside the mount)
  • Celestron PowerTank 
  • Relevant cables (including some that I believe are for either a guidescope or PC hookup? I’m not really sure. I only use about half of the cables that came with the mount and PowerTank.)
  • Relevant documentation
  • Case (a cooler) and foam insert from shipment

New, these items (excluding the PowerTank) would cost a combined ~$750-800 (from BHPhoto and/or Celestron). I’d like to sell the combined package for $350 (including the PowerTank for free since I’m not sure how long it will hold a charge being 5y old). I’ve tested the mount with the PowerTank and everything seems to be working properly; the PowerTank holds a charge and the mount can slew with both motors using the hand control. Cheers and clears!