Regular Monthly Meeting February 15 at 6 PM at River Ridge Observatory

The February 8 CAAS meeting has been postponed for one week until February 15. Everything else is the same.

The February 15 CAAS meeting at 6:00 pm will concentrate on Messier Objects. The club has two dates scheduled for a Messier Marathon at RRO – March 1 and backup date of March 29. Chris Lasley will give an introduction to Messier and the Messier Objects. Then he will talk about the Messier Marathon and the strategy of seeing all the Messier Objects in one night. Rocky Togni will follow up with Messier and Binocular Messier Programs, star hopping, and star charts. Steve Block will present Cancer as the constellation of the month.

At 4:00 pm there will be a Novice Clinic led by Bruce McMath and help with calibration / telescopes following. No reservations needed. Supper Bowl of course at 5:00 pm. Please make reservations at as usual.