Regular Monthly Meeting January 11 at 6 PM, RRO RRT Planning Meeting at 3 PM, at River Ridge Observatory

Our January meeting (Jan 11 at 6:00 pm) is titled “The Binary Stellar Zoo” by CAAS member Jeff Robertson who is also a science professor at Arkansas Tech. Binary stars make up about half the stars we see at night. This presentation will be be an introduction to binary stars, variablility, and what happens to stellar evolution when another star gets in the way.

In addition Chris Lasley will be giving our first Dead Astronomer of the Month.

The meeting will start at 6:00 with Supper Bowl at 5:00. There will also be a planning meeting at 3:00 on development of the new Remote Telescope and observatory. A joint effort between CAAS and Arkansas Tech. Purpose of the meeting is to make design decisions on the new observatory and set a game plan for construction. Anyone wishing to help with design and/or construction is welcome to come.