Central Arkansas Astronomical Society Minutes from the February 2012 Meeting

Ray Jeter presented a fascinating program on the many modifications he has made on a 115 mm (4.5”) Newtonian reflector.  He added a Telrad finder, and replaced the focuser with a Crayford focuser.  He replaced the secondary mirror and support.  He made a compact, transportable tripod with shelf space on top for a map.  He mounted a computerized GOTO altazimuth mount on that tripod.  And, he explained how he flexed the spherical primary mirror to remove coma and greatly improve the image in the central part of the field of view.

Bill Engberg thanked Wade Van Arsdale for painting the picnic table and making improvements in the memorial garden.

Bill asks that someone please bring a coin tray to hold payments for drinks from the refrigerator.

The CAAS business cards were handed out.

Mr. Siddhartha Vaka, the youngest person in attendance, drew numbers for door prizes.  Those winning Hubble books donated by Engberg were Chris Lasley, and Ray Jeter.

Two people brought new telescopes and were assisted in setting them up.

Upcoming Programs


March Stephen Meeks Stellar Evolution
April Rocky Togni Space Race USSR: 1957-75
May Darrell Heath JPL/NASA
August Jim Fisher International Dark Sky Association
November William Engberg Mayan Calendar
December Dinner

 There were four first-time guests at the meeting.

Members and Guests Who Attended The Meeting

Bill Engberg

Carolaina Ferren

Don Ferren

Danny Flippo

Carl Freyaldenhoven

Roger Gudith

Darrell Heath

Andy Henry

Greg Hurley

Jane Hurley

Joseph Hurley

Ray Jeter

Chris Lasley

Bruce McMath

Andy Reed

John Reed

Coy Scott

Edward Swaim

Rocky Togni

Siddhartha Vaka

V. Srinivasa Reddy Vaka

Ronald Van Arsdale

Wade Van Arsdale

Eric Walker


The next monthly CAAS meeting will be at 7 pm on Saturday, March 10.  Weather permitting, there will be observing after the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Coy Scott

CAAS Secretary