Meeting Saturday, 11 Feb 7:00pm Presentation: Humble Hubble

Little Rockians and C.A.A.S. — Get fired up! —
Mark your calendars: Central Arkansas Astronomical Society’s next meeting (always the 2nd Sat of every month) is right around the corner and YOU and your FRIENDS are all invited.
Never been to a meeting …and know nothing about Astronomy?…then you need to come and join us!

Saturday, 11 Feb
7:00pm (19:00 for you military types)
River Ridge Observatory grounds in the clear, dark skies between the cities of Wye and Roland, AR.

Presentation for this month:
This is going to thrill ATMers (Amateur Telescope Makers) -and- people that want to tweak/fix their imperfect “big box store” telescopes to get max performance. Ray Jeter is going to present how he turned a humble collection of cheap/eBay/mall store “scope parts” into a compact wonder you can carry with one hand, yet captures the Heavens above with visual Image & Color perfection. If your bright “star” looks more like a bright “starfish” then you need to hear his tips, then your Reflector telescope can become a humble Hubble in your own back yard.


All in attendance are eligible for the drawing for 2 more HUBBLE‘s best space pics photo books.

We’ll be getting an updates regarding:

William Bryden — he is designing CAAS shirts for 2012

Jim Fisher — CAAS business cards are in for every member and guest. Also, an update on our 501C status.

Need to learn how to use your scope?

We can help teach you… parents or kids. All you need is a love of the night’s sky and a sense of wonder in your heart, shooting stars, nebula and galaxies …await you together with friends. If you are bringing a scope you want to learn how to use, contact us so we can set your scope up BEFORE sunset (5:45pm)

After the short welcome and meeting at 7 p.m., skies permitting, we will adjourn to the observing field for fun and fellowship under the planets and stars.

If you need directions to the River Ridge Observatory, please email and they will email you the coordinates for Google as well as the password protected Driving Directions located on our website . Possibly, even meet up with a staff member in L.R. and you can follow our car as we drive to the site…or or maybe even arrange a ride with a staff member if you need a ride.

Become part of our family and friends. You don’t even need to own a scope. All are welcome.

Blue Skies
Servant to the amazing members of C.A.A.S., Skipper of the Big Dipper, Club President