River Ridge Observatory Work Party on September 10th

On the morning of September 10th, we will have a River Ridge Observatory clean-up work party, 9 a.m. – Noon (Note: The time change from that previously announced).  We will give the buildings some much needed TLC.   Bring your work clothes, a snack and cold drinks or water.  Priorities for the clean-up will be finishing the mowing in the parking area, organizing and inventorying the storage room, and re-organizing the classroom to accommodate our growing meeting attendance.   A full scale work party is not necessary due to the efforts of several members in the past week to get caught up on the grounds maintenance.   

NOTE:  The program for the meeting has changed.  The previously announced program will be presented at a future meeting.  The Work Party has been scaled back (due to the fine efforts of Wade Van Arsdale and Danny Flippo to get the grounds maintenance caught-up) and the hours moved to the morning.  A smaller number of volunteers are needed, but all are welcome.  We will concentrate on cleaning and organizing the two main buildings.  The previously announced “Star”-B-Que has been cancelled due to stiff competition from the Razorbacks game.   However, the regular meeting will go on as scheduled!