Minutes from the July 2011 Meeting

by Bill Engberg

Mars Attacks!

I have to say that the presentation on Mars by Darrell Heath was one of the best I’ve seen at CAAS, and the best presentation on Mars I’ve ever seen.  We intently watched his multimedia presentation covering everything from weather and seasons; to its history of discovery and interpretations by the ancient astronomers of the day; to computer graphic video of the various methods of penetrating and decelerating the different mars landers; to the types of exploration and results; photos galore; geology and discovery of ancient oceans; chemistry of the soil; famous novels written about Mars…wow. If you were there, you have a night to remember. Darrell, thank you for sharing!

Wade Van Arsdale and others have been doing a lot of volunteer work in clearing the west garden… and it is starting to really take shape. Beautiful. Thank you!

After the presentation we all headed out to see the sky through everything from binoculars to telescopes. You don’t need a scope to enjoy CAAS. There are always a dozen people happy to show the universe to you through their equipment, from beginner to advanced. A great way to learn about all the various types of telescopes that exist. It was a marvelous night and there were many 1st time guests.

-Who else was at the Meeting?

Jim Fisher
Pat and Sandy Morris
John Reed
Coy Scott
Nathan James

Tim Nutt  (1st time guest  – Welcome!)

Darrell Heath

Ray Jeter  (1st time guest  – Welcome!)

Mike and Brandon Earnest

Don and Carolaina Ferren

Mark Cochran (1st time guest  – Welcome!)

Bill Engberg


-Upcoming Programs and Events (as always, see website for updates)



  • 23 July    Star Party     Pinnacle Mtn State Park
  • 24 July   Star Gazing Lake Cruise    Pinnacle Mtn State Park
  • 30 July   Star Party     Woolly Hollow State Park
  • Aug 13 CAAS Meeting/ Program: Comets
  • Sept 10 CAAS Meeting/ Program: Mayan Calendar (2012)
  • Oct 8 CAAS Meeting/ Program: Int’l Observing the Moon

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