CAAS June Meeting Minutes / PMSP Star Party by Bill Engberg

Great Meeting at PMSP Saturday night.
Special thanks to Ranger Susan Staffeld who helped set up everything and even brought her excellent Celestron telescope for all the visitors to use…now that is a motivated Park Ranger!

About 75 people were in attendance “at one time,” when I did my head count, so many more came and went throughout the night. Boy Scouts and another boys/girls club (Venture?) showed up and many stayed until about 11:30pm to see the westerly Iridium flare.

CAAS Members on hand were:
Don and Carolaina Ferren, Pat and Sandy Morris, Carl Freyaldenhoven, Kevin Krug, Rocky Togni, Jim Dixon and Samantha and her 2 friends, Darrell Heath, Michael Norrell (new member with 10″ Meade!), Bill Sanders…and me, your humble scribe.  If you are a member and were not listed above, please email me.

We even helped put together a few scopes for people that had:
just bought them,
or had them in storage for years,
or had been given them…total success.

The puffy clouds disappeared by 10pm, and the viewing of Venus, Saturn, M81 and M82 were all fantastic.
Can’t wait for the next PMSP star party on 10 July. Mark your calendars!

Blue Skies