PMSP / Japanese site visit

C.A.A.S. Sky Commandos,
Very special thanks to Ron Salley and Brent Launius for authorizing us to be in the park after hours. You guys help make Arkansas a home run for our guests!

We all had a great time Friday night at PMSP visiting with each other and the 2 distinguished visitors from Japan. Mr Nakamura is a tour director, and Mr Shibayama is a Geology PhD/Director of the Natural Environmental Institute of Japan. They are doing the “initial site survey” for the big Japanese visit in August.

Who was there:
(see attached photo)
Mariko Cobb (Ar Tourism), Renee Robinson (Ar Tourism), Brent Launius (Park Ranger Extraordinaire!), Mr Nakamura, Mr Shibayama, Don and Carolaina Ferren, Carl Freyaldenhoven, Jim and Kathy Fisher, Paul Deeter, Jim Dixon and his daughter Samantha; John, Carol and their daughter Chelsea Reed; Don Lewis … and me…your humble scribe.

June and July:

Multiple Star parties at Pinnacle Mountain State Park mean that both CAAS monthly 7 p.m. meetings will be held at PMSP on June 12 and July 10

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