Minutes from the February 2010 Meeting

by Bill Engberg

-Dollar for Dollar MATCH every donation to CAAS …via PAYPAL

I believe in our amazing group of Amateur Astronomers so much, and us using PayPal to take in Donations , Dues , TShirt money, etc.; that I will personally MATCH every donation $1 for $1, no matter what the size of your donation though Feb28 up to $100.00 total

Simply go to PayPal.com, login, and click on “Send Money” and then send it to treasurer@caasastro.org You can even pay with your Credit Card!

I’ll report to the entire group how much comes in during the next 2 weeks and the names of the donors (unless you wish to remain anonymous).

-Who was at the Meeting?

The best news during the Feb 13th Meeting was the attendance of 4 new members. Please welcome them the next time you see them.     (p.s. for these new members:  –How do you want your name written on the Name Tags I’m making for everyone?)

There were 16 people at the meeting:

Don Lewis,  Jim and Samantha Dixon, Rocky and Carol Togni, Don and Carolaina Ferren, Lev Guter (New member!), Carl Freyaldenhoven, Rick Friday (New member!), Michelle Stinson (New member!), Paul Deeter, Gentleman in ball cap (sorry missed your name), John Reed, Kevin Krug  (New member!), and me  … your humble scribe.

-DUES via PayPal

If you owe dues, simply go to PayPal.com, login, and click on “Send Money” and then send it to treasurer@caasastro.org -or- mail a check to our treasurer:  

Andy Reed, 312 Maranes Circle, Maumelle, AR  72113

-Photo Log

John Reed took excellent photos of the meeting:    http://tinyurl.com/y8qkhwt


Order your TShirts before 28Feb… buy now, because we are getting a HUGE discount with this first big order. AFTER the initial discounted order is placed, price will probably increase to about $15-$18, so get one now while it is inexpensive!          Mail the check to Andy Reed -or- PayPal the funds as described above.

Tell him the size you want via email (andy.reed72@gmail.com)

$12.10   up to XXL

$14.10   3XL and larger

We passed a motion to buy from our CAAS Treasury funds:   FIVE “Large”,  FIVE “XL” T-shirts for future buyers and members. They will sell for about $15 (so get yours while it is cheap!)

-Hubble Over Flight visible at meeting!

Carl tipped us off that the Hubble Space Telescope was making a flyby. Funny quote of the evening (in best Austin Powers voice) “I’m looking with my naked eye, at a telescope… in space… and I’m not using a telescope…and it’s freaking me out, man!”

We all got to see it travel from West to East in the southern hemisphere of the sky. Thank you Carl!

-Lawn Care Donation via PayPal

Special thanks to Don and Carolaina Ferren for donating $20 for Wade’s project to hire a trimming and lawn care/brush cutter service (about $130 needed?)     I also donated $20 and hope you will to.

Cut all the brush = Better viewing  +  keeps the bugs far away!

Simply go to PayPal.com or mail a check.


I gave a Power Point Presentation on “How to build a telescope”

There were so many great questions, the 20 minute brief took almost an hour. The presentation used images taken by Wade and Danny ( awesome photos, fellas !!! )

Later, an “in depth photo journal” was shared for people that really wanted to get deep into the details and pitfalls of building a Dobsonian reflector with a 24″ mirror.

-Need your ideas for my Radio Show on Wed/Sat nights (Perryville 96.5 KQIX)

Every week I host a radio show, but I need your ideas on ASTRONOMY RELATED TOPICS. Help!

-Driving Directions

I’m making an improved set of driving directions for our members. Hopefully even more will attend our meetings, when they have easy to read/easy to follow directions that can be downloaded from our website!  They will be complete with:

Photos of “turn points/intersections”

Odometer measurements between turn points

Google map