Minutes of the Regular March Meeting 3/14/2009

President Don Ferren called the meeting to order at 7:20 PM.  There was 15 members and guests in attendance including new member Bill Engberg.

We had planned to have Girl Scout Troop 663 here tonight but the likelihood of rain caused them to postpone until the May meeting.

On our  next meeting, April 11, we will host the PMSP Master Naturalist group.  These are people who are meeting with groups of many different disciplines in order to get a foundation in many different areas.  We ill give them a foundation in astronomy.

On May  2, CAAS will join our good friends at Pinnacle Mountain State Park for National Astronomy Day. Lets hope for clear skies and big bubbles.

On the weekend on May 21-23, the Red River Astronomy Club will hold a star party at their facility in Nashville, AR.  In the past this has been called a BurgerBurn but this year it is going to be a little lower key.  All astronomers, even those from Central Arkansas, are welcome.

The “Globe at Night” event is going on March 16-28. This is a coordinated effort to estimate the amount of light pollution in many areas by counting the number of stars that can be seen in the constellation of Orion.  To participate, go to this website – http://www.globe.gov/GaN/ .

Presentation: Despite having approximately 20 hours notice that we would not have girl scouts, president Don Ferren was able to put together an informative and entertaining “10 Things You Don’t Know About Pluto”.

submitted by Jim Dixon

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