Board Meeting Minutes 3/14/2009

A hasty board meeting was called when it was learned that our 501-C tax status might be in danger.  For many years, it was unnecessary for CAAS to file a tax return so its not surprising that when the rules apparently changed a few years ago, we missed it.  The overall feeling among the group after the discussion was that CAAS would probably not be liable for any back payments even now but that we would have to start filing paperwork each year.  It was decided that the President and Vice-President would co to the Arkansas Secretary of State and discuss the incorporation of CAAS first and then the Secretary would file a 990N with the IRS.  There was some discussion about whether we should get a tax professional’s opinion or not.

We also talked about liability vis-a-vis someone falling off a step ladder while looking through a scope (not to make light of it) or some other kind of injury on CAAS property.  We’ve discussed this before and decided it was too expensive.  We discussed a simple release of liability form and also the idea that the Astronomical League might actually carry liability insurance for member clubs.

Meeting was adjourned at 7 PM.

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