Pinnacle Mountain Star Party Recap

Saturday evening, July 26, CAAS members joined with park interpreter James Mullins to host a public star party at the Pinnacle Mountain State Park Visitor Center.  If you discount the mostly cloudy conditions and frequent lightning, the weather was astounding.  Approximately 65 visitors came by to enjoy the show.  The weather put a limit on what could be seen but we did manage to to show a few summer highlights and have a couple green light saber duels.  Members in attendance were Jim Fisher, Don & Carolaina Ferren, Allen Lee, Bill Sanders, John Reed, Jason Wallawine, Pat Morris, Rocky Togni, and myself.  If I’ve forgotten anyone, please forgive me.

If you’ll pardon a sports analogy, the other team won the first two games in a best of five series putting CAAS in a must win situtation for every other game in the series.  Now we’ve come back from behind to win two in a row and the series is all tied up.  The next star party, on September 6, at PMSP again, will decide who wins the pennant.

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