Finally, A Star Party Success!

At last a star party that was not greeted with a solid blanket of clouds at best or a statewide line of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes at worst.  CAAS members joined the good people at Woolly Hollow State Park for a star party by the lake tonight (July 19).  The estimate of the crowd from Julie Lovette was over 300!  Members John Reed, Carl Freyaldenhoven, Rocky Togni, Bill Sanders, Jason Wallawine, Allen Lee, Jim Fisher, Linda Sorrows, Don and Carolaina Ferren, and David and Nightvid Cole greeted the enthusiastic group. There was also some other scopes and people I did not recognize.  If I missed anyone my apologies.  The sky was hazy compared to the recent days but crystal clear compared to recent star parties.  The usual summer fair was on order plus a brilliant Jupiter and even brighter pass of the ISS almost directly overhead.

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