CAAS Monthly Meeting Minutes

Submitted by Jim Dixon

June 14, 2003


Don Lewis called the June 14th meeting to order about 7:20. There were 16 members and guests present.


  • The upcoming star party at Pinnacle Mountain State Park on June 28th was mentioned.
  • The Summer Solstice Sunset Spectacular at Toltec Mounds State park on June 21st was mentioned.
  • The Astronomical League National Convention in Nashville on July 9-12 was mentioned.
  • The Star Party at Wooly Hollow State Park on June 21st was mentioned.

Old business:

  • The National Astronomy Day Star Party turned out to be mostly cloudy but was fairly successful.

New Business:

  • A motion was made and passed to reimbursement members for the purchase of deck sealant and tick/chigger lawn treatment.
  • John Reed and Danny Flippo have been practicing their planetary imaging skills in preparation for Mars. It was suggested that an imaging workshop be held.


  • Chris Lasley told us about the Advanced Observer’s Workshop he attended at Kitt Peak National Observatory. He used a 20 inch Ritchey-Chretien telescope over a few days to take some spectacular images.
  • The scheduled SCT collimation presentation was rescheduled for the next meeting.

The sky was mostly overcast but cleared a little bit and a 10 Dobsonian was set up to observe Jupiter and other available objects.