CANCELLED: Saturday June 1 – Free Public Star Party at Pinnacle Mountain State Park – 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM

Tonight’s Event has been cancelled due to clouds.

The star party is a sky viewing event hosted by the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society along with Pinnacle Mountain State Park. It is held on the parking lot of the old visitor center, now known as the River View Center (not at the new visitor center.) Visit with the telescope volunteers as they share views of interesting stars, galaxies and nebula in the night sky.

   Bring a red flashlight if you have one to use in the viewing area. The red light will not disturb everyone’s night vision as a white flashlight does. Dress warmer than you think, the nighttime air can get a chill in it. 

   The moon will not be out this night so we have a chance to see constellations and deep sky objects. We’ll be looking for bright man made objects that cross the sky too.

   This event is the last Star Party scheduled for Pinnacle Mountain in 2024. The next public star gazing event will be August 31st at the soccer fields on Hwy 300, not far from Pinnacle Mountain, and you can get information about that event at the new visitor center later this summer. When you come to the park you will see that the old visitor center is now being offered for lease, and the future of star parties at this location is uncertain.

   With the recent unsettled weather our state has experienced, CAAS will cancel the star party if the sky is completely overcast (telescopes can’t see through clouds) and or if it is raining, or if a severe weather alert is active. Please be sky aware.     See you under the stars!