Saturday October 21 – Public Night and Regular Monthly Meeting at 7 PM, Board Meeting at 5

CAAS Monthly Meeting banner

Everyone, members and non-members, please join us at 7 PM for our regular monthly meeting, 6 PM if you are going to join us for the SupperBowl.  If you want to see the inner workings of this well-oiled astronomy machine, be there at 5 PM for a board meeting (the agenda is included bel0w).

And don’t forget about the special Orionid Meteor Watch starting after the monthly meeting. You must register if you plan to attend the Meteor Watch.

There will be presentations:

  • Sky Charts, beyond the constellations.
  • Constellation of the Month: Andromeda.
  • Mythos of the Heavens: A Cultural Perspective of the Constellations.

As always, meetings of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society are open to the public.

Supper Bowl price will be $6 each.

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Saturday October 21 Board Meeting Agenda

  1. 2018 Budget
  2. What to do with surplus club money
  3. Club telescopes: Refractor and 14″ Dobsonian
  4. Adding a Facebook group
  5. Loaning club equipment
  6. Security camera replacement
  7. A/C unit status