Meade LS 8″ ACF LightSwitch telescope (with many extras)

  • “LightSwitch” Technology
  • “Astronomer Inside”
  • Coma-free optics
  • LS with automatic alignment
  • 12 volt power pack adapter and extension cord
  • Dew shield
  • Series 4000 eyepieces and 2x Barlow
  • Complete set of filters
  • Laser alignment collimator
  • Laser pointer

– This telescope is solidly built and smooth in operation; an ideal instrument for someone that wants to enjoy astronomy without getting a PhD in astrophysics; manually scan the sky or let the built in computer handle the details.  It boots up quickly, acquires GPS coordinates, finds level and north and self-aligns in a few minutes and will provide a complete tour of that evening’s visible sky.

The hand-held AutoStar III GoTo keypad has a database of over 100,000 objects; all with in-depth descriptions. Just select an object and push the “GoTo” button. Then watch the telescope automatically put your object in the eyepiece.

8 C size batteries will run the telescope for 3-5 hours. In addition, I purchased the external AC battery pack and 12 volt car adaptor.

This package includes a rigid single fork mount and an adjustable, steel leg tripod.

With high transmission coatings the LS gives you the sharpest, brightest optical system for its size; performance only seen in systems costing much more.

Greg Oehm


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