Regular Monthly Meeting Saturday March 26 at 7 PM

CAAS Monthly Meeting
Join us on March 26th at 7 PM for our regular monthly meeting, 6 PM if you are going to join us for the supper bowl.

Dr. Robertson (Jeff) is going to elaborate his Hub talk for us at the March club meeting.  This program is particularly timely with the passing of recently discovered comets hurtling past the earth as it is about tracking near earth objects and variable star observation.  These are both things that one could do with the RRT.  Currently forecast to be clear and moon does not rise for several hours after dark.  Be a good night for those with scope issues to pick the brains of other members.  Steve Block and Chris Lasley and likely others can help.

But here is the deal.  We don’t have a supper bowl scheduled.  Steve and Chris have agreed to shop and fire up the grill for hotdogs and fixens but we need a good head count and we need it not later than noon Sat.
Please use button below to RSVP for dinner.

As always, meetings of the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society are open to the public.

Supper bowl will be at 6PM. Price will be $5 each. Please RSVP so we will know how much to make.

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