SOLD! For Sale: Almost New Celestron AVX Mount

I bought this mount new in May 2015 to replace my aging ASGT mount.  The AVX is a significant improvement on that mount. See my first impressions of the mount here ( The mount has performed well these six months so why am I selling?  I got the upgrade fever and replaced my long serving C8 with a C9.25.  The 9.25” is 50% heavier than the 8”.  This mount is rated for a 30 lb payload for visual work and it has handled the 20 lb C9.25 fine for visual but I am now doing photography again and 20 lbs not counting the camera itself is too much for photography. The mount did handle the lighter C8 for photography successfully so I’d say its limit for photography is between 15 & 20 lbs.
Follow this link ( to see Celestron’s page about this mount.
The AVX mount sells for $799 new, I am asking $600 plus shipping if needed. I will deliver it within a couple hours drive of Little Rock.
If you are finding your Orion SkyView Pro or Celestron Omni GEM to be under powered for your scope this is the mount for you.  Those two mounts are rated at 20 pounds while this has a 50% greater capacity.
Included in the sale are the following:
  • The mount of course.
  • The original foam packaging for the mount head.
  • The 12 lb counterweight. You can see from one of the pictures that this was enough to balance the C8 without anything else.
  • Not only the DC power cord that is standard equipment but an AC power supply as well.
  • The instructional manual and a CD.
This does not have a polar alignment scope, I didn’t buy one with the mount.
The mount came with a 2 year warranty. I don’t know if that is transferrable or not but if so it will be under warranty until April 2017.
 The optics above the mount in this picture are of course not included.