Regular Monthly Meeting 5/9/2015

Join the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society Saturday evening for a night of information and, weather permitting, observing under the stars.

  • First, at 6 PM, we’ll have the Supper Bowl. This month we are having pulled pork, vinegar slaw and potato salad casserole.  The price is only $6 each.  Please use the RSVP option above to reserve your spot and so we’ll know how much to make.
  • Then, before the regular meeting we’ll have a short workshop on how to properly use the 14″ Dobsonian for observatory level member who wants to be cleared to use it.
  • Next, at 7 PM, we’ll have our meeting. On tap for tonight we have:
    • Jim Dixon, planetary imaging.
    • Stephen Caldwell, RRT update and how to participate.
    • Darrell Heath, report on recent outreach activities.
    • Chris Lasley, Alcor Report and MSRAL program review.
    • Discussion about a summer membership observing event and/or an observing outing to the Winona area of the Ouachita forest.
    • Time permitting – Bruce McMath, what we/I have learned recently about light pollution and the hope for progress.
  • Then, if the skies cooperate we’ll set up in the observing field.

See you Saturday.