For Sale: 10″ Zhumell Z10 and Accessories — Sold!!!


Selling my Zhumell Z10 and accessories.  See pictures and item list below. I am asking $600. You can contact me at


Zhumell Z10 dobsonian
Zhumell plössl 9mm eye piece
Orion 2x Barlow lens shorty
Zhunell wide field 30mm eye piece
Orion 8-24mm zoom eye piece
Orion star shoot planet imaging camera
Polarizing filter #3
Moon filter
Laser collimator

I also have the telrad reflex sight in the picture but I haven’t been able to get it to turn on so I’m not sure if it works. The orion star shoot camera only works with imaging the moon. If you have another telescope with a longer focal length then it should work fine for that.