Regular and Board Meetings Saturday January 10

CAAS program for January (Saturday, January 10 at 6:00 pm) will be presented by Scott Lookabill, recipient of Radio Astronomy Observing Program Award #1, on his experiences in Radio Astronomy. He will talk about the basics of Radio Astronomy and the projects he completed (including building a Radio Telescope) to fulfill the requirements of the award. We see light through the visible portion of the spectrum from Infrared to Ultraviolet. Radio Astronomy looks at wavelengths from the radio-TV portion of the spectrum. Whether you’re interested or not in building your own Radio Telescope, you’ll gain new insights into our hobby and a better understanding of our universe. Terry Griffin will be giving the COM on Canis Major which includes our brightest star “Sirius”.

Prior to the presentation there will be a board meeting at 3:45 pm and Supperbowl (pot roast) at 5:00 pm. Please remember to RSVP for the Supperbowl on the CAAS website. I’ll also like to hear from anyone interested in volunteering to cook. 🙂

Board meeting agenda Items to include: 2015 budget and approval of other expenditures, discuss potential on site outreach events and potential development of the observatory facilities and deployment of club instruments in light of the new space available to the club.