International Observe the Moon Night in Argenta (InOMN) September 6

Quick, what is not made of cheese and is only 1.3 light seconds away?  It’s our closest celestial neighbor, the Moon!

The Moon has always been a comforting presence in our night sky and people have long gazed upon it with wonder, fascination, and more than a few romantic notions.  But, like many things in our lives, we sometimes take it for granted.

Saturday, September 6th, 2014 is International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN) when people from all across planet Earth turn their gaze skywards and pay tribute to our only natural satellite.

InOMN began in 2010 as an educational outreach event from multiple NASA and astronomical organizations with 300 events in over 40 different countries.  Over the years it has grown even larger and for 2014 the Argenta Downtown Council will participate in this global event by hosting the 5th annual International Observe the Moon Night in North Little Rock’s historic Argenta District at the corner of 6th and Main Streets.

In partnership with the Central Arkansas Astronomical Society, the UALR Physics and Astronomy Department, and The Launch Pad of the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub, the Argenta Downtown Council will make the Moon accessible to anyone who wants to put their eye to a telescope and gaze upon the stark beauty of the lunar landscape.

The event runs from 7pm to 10pm on Saturday, September 6th. It’s free and family- friendly.  Come out for a night of dining at one of the many area restaurants, or grab a bite from a food truck, and then let yourself be transported to another world when you and your family look through a telescope at our glorious Moon!


If the weather forecast is for inclement weather or clouds on the evening of Saturday, September 6th then the event will be moved to Friday September 5th.