Regular and Board Meetings Saturday June 14

Regular Meeting will be at 7 PM, StarBQ at 6 PM (please RSVP from option above), Board meeting at 4:30 PM.  The regular meeting is open to the public and all members are welcome at the board meeting. Due to higher cost of ingredients in the summer, the cost of supper is increased to $6 for the time being. Please bring check or exact change.

Joe Grida from South Australia will be giving the talk via Video Conferencing. Joe and the Astronomical Society of South Australia are at Declination -35 degrees which is opposite us at +35 degrees. They have voted to adopt us as a sister society and their excellent newsletter is posted on the If you get a chance look through it. Lots of interesting stuff. Should be a report on the MSRAL conference as well.

The board meeting at 4:30 will cover these topics:

1. CAAS participation in the Dark Sky Park Collation
2. Changing club meeting nights in 2015
3. A review of the RRORRT budget.
4. Club Member Management ideas
5. Bylaws adoption
6. Possible hosting of MSRAL Convention in 2015