Notice of Regular Meeting and Work Party May 11, 2013

The regular meeting of CAAS will take place at River Ridge Observatory on May 11 with the regular program starting at 7:00 pm.  Andrew Hradesky will be presenting “Star Party Etiquette” along with other information related to Star Parties.  Star Parties are a big part of CAAS’s outreach to the public.  In addition there will be someone on hand to answer questions about whatever Astronomical Topic you desire in our Novice hour starting at 5:00 pm and then at 6:00 supper bowl (preregister using the Supper Bowl link above).   The constellation(s) of the month will feature the Spring Diamond which is now well placed most of the night for star and galaxy study by Rocky Togni.

Also anyone with yard tools who wants to help is invited to come earlier and put them to good use fighting back the encroaching jungle.