1st Annual Star BQ at the River Ridge Observatory August 11

CAAS will host our first Star BQ on the second Saturday in August.Starting at 5:30 PM, we will have food and fun followed by astronomy programs and activities at 7 PM and observing with a stellar scavenger hunt at 9 PM and the Perseid Meteor shower starting around 11 PM.

Please note that the dinner portion of the StarBQ has filled up and registration for dinner is closed but the presentation portion that starts at 7 PM is open to all who want to attend and is free. Just arrive at CAAS at 7 PM though a note to info@caasastro.org would be appreciated. If you need directions please email info@caasastro.org and we will send you directions. Thanks.

The Agenda is as follows:

5:00 PM Observatories open, scope set up – questions and answers regarding same, help with collimation and mechanical issues.  Solar Observing, special activities.

6:00 PM  Star BQ   Bring something for Pot luck or $5 per person (to pay for burgers and dogs)

Inside Programs (7:00 – 8:30)

 For sky-watchers and developing amateur astronomers – attend any you want to:

1.   7:00 pm  Sky watching basics, getting started without a telescope, Learning the constellations and star hopping; – Rocky Togni

2.  7:30 pm  Selecting and maintaining binoculars and/or telescope;  –  John Reed

3.   8:00 pm  Enjoy your observing more, through Astronomical League Observing Programs – Bill Sanders


Outside Programs

1.     6:00-8:00 Running Slide show of present and past club activities and events. (Being put together by John Reed if you have pictures)

2.    8:00–9:00 Break out help with scopes – Old hands to help with Polar alignment and other issues.

3.   8:30  Welcome, what we will see tonight [if slide show will need images], watch the constellations emerge. Bill Enberg


Observing –   Stellar Scavenger Hunt

5:00-6:00 and 7:00-7:30 Solar observing with Carl Freyaldenhoven

9:00 Scopes, binoculars, and light pens to display an assortment of the best objects of the summer milky-way and solar system objects. Participate in the scavenger hunt so you don’t miss anything and also receive a certificate.

11:00  Perseid Meteor Shower