Central Arkansas Astronomical Society Minutes from the June 2012 Monthly Meeting

CAAS’s June meeting was the place to be to get the latest news on light pollution and to find out ways you can help!  It was like going to a baseball double-header!  First, Jim Fisher gave a presentation entitled “Protecting the Night Environment” to give the latest information on light pollution and the International Dark Sky Association.  Then, special guest Arkansas Representative Stephen Meeks spoke to the attendees about his plans to re-introduce the “Arkansas Nighttime Environment Protection Act” legislation in the 2013 session of the General Assembly.  All agreed that CAAS members need to support Stephen’s efforts and rally around his legislation.  Once the legislation is introduced, Jim and Stephen will draft a model email/letter that all cansend to their representatives and senators.

On a related note, Stephen and Jim have been invited to speak at the Arkansas-Oklahoma Astronomical Society meeting on July 13th to promote Stephen’s legislation.

Constellation of the Month:  Jim Fisher gave a presentation on Bootes and its bright star Arcturus.

Business (both old and new):

This week, James Bruce McMath filed the application and supporting documentation with the IRS for reinstatement of CAAS’s 501-c-3 tax exempt status.  Thank you Bruce!

  • Jim Dixon ordered new CAAS t-shirts based on the outstanding design by William Bryden. Thank you Jim and William!
  • Jim Dixon also ordered and installed a new sign for the front drive that reads “Open to the public second Saturday of each month at 7 p.m.” along with the CAAS web site and email contact information.  Thank you, Jim!
  • All agreed that the CAAS Venus Transit public watch party at Pinnacle Mountain State Park was a huge success.  The weather was perfect and a huge crowd of watch party guests turned out.  Jim Fisher appeared on KARK on Monday and Rep. Stephen Meeks appeared on KATV during the actual event and promoted the CAAS event.  Jim Fisher reported that KARK meteorologist Greg Dee promoted the event on several broadcasts and not just the news broadcast onwhich Jim appeared. An estimated 150 folks turned out. Thank you to the Pinnacle Mountain State Park for hosting the event.  By the way, the transit was awesome! Thank you Venus and Sol for the great show.
  • Rocky Togni outlined the plans for next month’s Star-B-Que and River Ridge Observatory Open House. Volunteers are needed to help with events and cooking. Events will be aimed at guests and new members.  There will be a scavenger hunt with telescopes and an open air planetarium show.


The clouds rolled in soon after dark, but those that stuck around had a great time nevertheless.


Gancalo Gamboa

Thomas Rea

Tajwanna Hudson


Also in attendance

Jim, Jack and Samantha Dixon

Jim Fisher

Danny Flippo

Carl Freyaldenhoven


Roger L. Gudith

Pat and Sandy Morris

John Reed

Rocky and Carol Togni

Greg and Jane Hurley

Stephen Meeks and his 3 year old daughter Rebecca

James McMath

Chris Lasley

Edward, James and John Swaim



Hubble Astrophotography books were won tonight by:

Gancalo Gamboa and Stephen Meeks


Complete List of who have won the Hubble Astrophotography books:

Coy Scott

Jim Dixon

Bill Sanders

Scott Bryden

John Reed

Carolaina Ferren

Gancalo Gamboa

Stephen Meeks

Roger Gudith

Jane Hurley

Chris Lasley

Danny Flippo

David Reynolds

Ray Jeter


Meeting notes by William Engberg, and Jim Fisher

Editing by Coy Scott


Respectfully Submitted,


Coy Scott

CAAS Secretary