Joint Meeting with Arkansas Chapter of International Dark-Sky Association June 9

Join us Saturday June 9 at 7 PM at the River Ridge Observatory for a special joint meeting with the Arkansas Chapter of the International ark-Sky Association.

During the joint meeting with IDA, our special guest will be Arkansas Representative Stephen Meeks of Greenbrier. Representative Meeks is a strong advocate for dark skies protection in Arkansas and plans to re-introduce his “Arkansas Nighttime Environment Protection Act” legislation into the 2013 session of the Arkansas General Assembly. He will discuss the legislation, his strategy for securing its enactment into law, and how members of the IDA Arkansas Chapter and CAAS can help in that effort.

Jim Fisher, IDA Arkansas Chapter Leader, will also present the program “Protecting the Night Environment” and provide an update on current programs from the IDA. “Protecting the Night Environment” is a Power Point based presentation that is used by the IDA as a model presentation for use by other IDA Chapters in local outreach and education on light pollution issues. Mr. Fisher recently updated the presentation to include stunning astro-photography by CAAS members Danny Flippo, John Reed, and Wade Van Arsdale.

We will also hold a brain storming session on how best to protect the River Ridge Observatory from future deterioration of its dark skies, which are threatened by urban growth and proposed development.

After the formal meeting with clouds permitting we will adjourn to observing field to enjoy the night sky and for fellowship.