Minutes from the December 2011 Meeting

Annual Meeting and Potluck

This year, the CAAS Annual Meeting and Potluck was held at the River Ridge Observatory.  Spirits were high and delicious food was plentiful.  We had killer chili with beef, wonderful turkey chili, and 7 layer bean dip.  There were a variety of chips, crackers, and mediterranean bread.  There were cookies, cake, and delicious key lime pie for desert.  I’m sure I have omitted something there was so much to choose from.  John Reed demonstrated planetarium and photo stitching apps on his smart phone.

Business Meeting

  • The Board moved to add Coy Scott as secretary and Danny Flippo as Board member to the nominations list.
  • All voted and accepted the following lineup of officers for 2012:
  •     Officers: President – Bill Engberg       Vice President – Eric Walker       Secretary – Coy Scott       Treasury – Andy Reed       Immediate Past President – Jim Fisher
  •  Board: Jim Dixon, Carl Freyaldenhoven, John Reed, and Danny Flippo
  • Jim Fisher expressed thanks to the officers from 2011.  As a special thank you, he gave awesome commemorative Space Shuttle coins to John Reed, Coy, Bill Engberg, and Carolaina.  The coins contain metal that was carried into space on a shuttle mission.
  • Jim covered highlights from the year: custom Overhangs above doors, new cement drive way entrance, big telescope pad, garden cleanup, MSRAL sponsor (John, Rocky and Jim presented) new computer equipment in classroom, red lights, facebook page, website updated, grounds cleanup, refrigerator
  • William Bryden is designing shirts for 2012 with Carolaina helping with info from last order.
  • Jim Fisher will buy CAAS business cards and fix the CAAS tax status.
  • CAAS authorized Bill Engberg to cut/trim the “anti-astronomy” trees close to the buildings or in the path of the ecliptic.
  • A drawing was held for HUBBLE books donated by Engberg, 4 won: Bill Sanders; Scott Bryden; John Reed; Carolaina Ferren

Who was at the Meeting?


  • John Reed
  • Coy Scott
  • Roger Gudith
  • William, Scott, and Misule Bryden
  • Jim Fisher
  • Bill and Kay Sanders
  • Don and Carolaina Ferren
  • Daniel Weatherly
  • Danny Flippo
  • Darrell Heath
  • Bill Engberg
  • Wade Van Arsdale
  • black puppy dog  (Astro Pup!)

Upcoming Events (see website http://www.caasastro.org/ for updates/directions)

January 14, 2012 at 7pm – CAAS Regular Monthly Meeting

February 11, 2012 at 7pm – CAAS Regular Monthly Meeting

March 10, 2012 at 7pm – CAAS Regular Monthly Meeting
Meeting Notes by Bill Engberg, CAAS Secretary
Editing by Coy Scott, CAAS Secretary Elect