Minutes from the June 2011 Board Meeting

Attendees:  Jim Fisher, President

Eric Walker, Vice President

Bill Engberg, Secretary

Andy Reed, Treasurer

Coy Scott,  Board member

Jim Dixon, Board

Carl Freyaldenhoven, Board

John Reed, Board

Excused:  Carolaina Ferren

Non Board member attendees;  Samantha Dixon and Darrell Heath (at the beginning of the meeting.  Other members filtered in at various points during the meeting).

1. Arkansas Oklahoma Astronomical Soc. reimbursed to CAAS $100 as seed money for MSRAL Con.  MSRAL finances ended in the red $56.17.  The Astronomical League and AOAS agreed to split the $56.17 debt (or $28.09 each).  Jim F. moved and Bill seconded that CAAS split that part of the debt with AOAS and reimburse AOAS $14.05.  Passed unanimously.

2.  Web domain fees are currently paid by Chris Lasley (approx. $40).  Jim F. moved and Coy seconded that CAAS reimburse Chris the fee and Jim D. be listed as the domain owner in his role as CAAS web master. Passed unanimously.

3. Roger Gudith asked the Board for Observatory Status now that he has been a member for 6 months.  Jim F. moved and Bill seconded that Roger be granted OS status. Passed unanimously.

4.  Jim F. will investigate if Red River Astronomy Clubs wants our help in starting a public star party at Daisy State Park to help RRAC generate new members for its club.

5.  Jim F. reported that basic liability insurance through the Astronomical League’s umbrella insurance policy would be $265.  But we have questions as to whether that is enough insurance.  Jim F. will continue to investigate procuring liability insurance.  Dave Grimmer volunteered to assist by contacting an insurance sales agent that he knows.

6.  Darell Heath reported that UALR has telescopes that it does not currently use and asked through Darrell if we would be interested in using them.  Jim F. said he would speak with Prof. Tony Hall.

7. The CAAS Board discussed the Berrington Trust and it appears that two of the named Trustees – Robert Berrington and Chris Lasley – are no longer CAAS Members and the Trust instrument requires trustees to maintain CAAS membership.  John Reed agreed to speak to Mr.s Berrington and Mr. Lasley.

Clear skies!

Jim Fisher


Central Arkansas Astronomical Society