February 12th General Meeting following Board Meeting

“Constellation Hunter” at February 12th General Meeting at 7 p.m.

Please join CAAS at its February 2011 meeting on February 12th at 7 p.m. in the classroom on the grounds of the River Ridge Observatory.  Please email info@caasastro.org if you need the link and password to the directions.  After a short business meeting, Rocky Togni will make a presentation entitled “Constellation Hunter.”

Knowing the sky gives us a great deal of personal satisfaction and is an area often neglected when people are starting out in Astronomy.  Telescopes, astrophotography, deep sky viewing, planetary and Lunar viewing are some of the exciting areas that people initially want to learn more about.  Before the advent of all this technology came constellations with its mythologies, stories and characters.  The movement of the planets, moon, and sun against this unchangeable background was studied by many civilizations.   Our program will deal with some constellation history, a method to start learning the constellations, starting the Constellation Hunter Observing Award by The Astronomical League, and the latest Stellarium updates.

Weather permitting we will adjourn to observing field for fun and fellowship under the stars where we can test out our constellation spotting skills!

CAAS Board to Meet at February 12th, 6 p.m.

The first board meeting of the year for the CAAS Board of Directors is scheduled for February 12th, 6 p.m. in the classroom at the River Ridge Observatory (RRO).  All CAAS members are welcome to attend the Board meeting, but only Board members are eligible to vote on motions before the Board. The general topic of the meeting will be River Ridge Observatory grounds security and visitor safety with the aim of establishing a policy on who may access to the RRO grounds and buildings during non-meeting or event dates and how members may achieve observatory status.  Also, the Board will appoint members to the Observatory Committee under the leadership of Vice-President Eric Walker in the capacity as Observatory Chair.  The Observatory Committee will likely be called on to develop future RRO grounds policy and make recommendations for maintenance and upgrades. If you are interested in serving on the Observatory Committee please email President Jim Fisher at jrfisher7@gmail.com