Fall Colors and Fall Constellations — CAAS Nov 2010 Meeting Minutes

Fall Colors and Fall Constellations

A great meeting and great observing! In attendance were:

Carolaina and Don Ferren,

Andy Reed,

John and Carol Reed,

Eric Walker,

Pat and Sandy Morris,

Don Lewis,

Rocky and Carol Togni,

Dave Grimmer

Ernie Justice,

Tim Hogue,

Kevin Krug

and me… your club scribe.

Our excellent President, Carolaina, started the meeting and opened it up to some good updates from the floor:

  • Club TShirts- We will reorder soon. The box with L and XL is locked up in the “cage” for people that have previously ordered –or– anyone wishing to buy some for Dec gifts!  (check or PayPal $18 to Treasurer Andy Reed  treasurer@caasastro.org )
  • Security- Andy Reed is researching the best way to have different combo locks put on the classroom. Any member will have access to the “grounds”. After being a paid member in good standing for a few months, the board will grant un-escorted access privileges to new members to the classroom after they have demonstrated they can open/close the place.
  • On that note: I serviced the doors and locks and all combo padlocks with silicone. They are spinning freely so there should be NO problem locking any doors/deadbolts on your way out. For the class room deadbolt, use the key with the ORANGE colored ring and the lock opens/closes easily.
  • If someone has or can build an awning over our classroom doors or front deck entrance, you would be our HERO!!!
  • The Nominating Committee announced its nominations for 2011:

o   President: Jim Fisher

o   VP: Eric Walker

o   Treasurer: Andy Reed

o   Secretary: Bill Engberg

o   Board members to be announced later.

  • Jim Fisher provided us an IDA update:   New Ark legislator is an amateur astronomer! A good person to interface with when city lighting comes up in the future.  Jim is about to mail us a link to the Entergy website where we can suggest Full Cut Off lights rather than sky-killing current street lights. A 1 minute email from you can SAVE the city money and SAVE our night sky at the same time!

Jim was also kind enough to donate a mailbox and stand—thank you Jim! Therefore, once installed (install help please?!) the CAAS address is

C.A.A.S./Red River Observatory

45 West Southridge

Bigelow, AR


  • A Sony large screen TV was donated! Idea behind the TV was if kids and folks want to warm up with microwave popcorn or hot cider in the club house in the winter -or- get some AC in the summer, the kids/folks can watch DVDs while they wait. Also good for any astro presentation people may want to give or watch. If anyone has an end table or stand they could donate or buy to support a 30”-wide tV base, it would be greatly appreciated.
  • Andy Reed is moving the Club bank account, so there is better ease of access. Some board members will have to go with him.
  • Annual Meeting  and Holiday Pot Luck!   John and Carol Reed have been so kind as to donate their home in Cabot on Saturday, 11 Dec at 7pm. Officers and board members for 2011 will be voted on at this event. Jim Fisher is bringing a Turkey and if people can email Don and Carolaina Ferren dferren@aristotle.net as well as the Reeds ( jreed007@centurytel.net ), with an RSVP and what you are bringing, it would be greatly appreciated. Carolaina can then email the consolidated “side dish list” to the whole group so we don’t have 15 pots of baked beans 🙂

The Reeds will email their address/directions shortly…

The temperatures were cool but the jackets were warm…and about 10 scopes were set up as well as some binocular observing. Jim pointed out a beautiful meteor to the North. Dave Grimmer brought his Dobsonian and successfully adjusted his encoders. Tim Hogue set up his big SCT and we heard servo motors happily driving his scope to multiple nebulae and galaxies all night long. A great time was had by all. CAAS is our family. We stick together as a family should. If anyone ever has good news to share or needs help, we are always here for each other.

If I’ve missed anything, please email the group!

We can’t wait to see you all at the Reed’s in Dec, and at the Jan 2011 CAAS meeting. I wish you all a tremendous winter season and a blessed New Year!

Bill Engberg

Club Scribe