Minutes from the March 2010 Meeting

by Bill Engberg

Messier (French for “Overcast”)

The March meeting was a great success.

Don Ferren presented a fantastic PowerPoint on how to do a Messier Marathon and the thoughtful tips on how to make it a success when it is late and chilly. The slides showing how to hop across the sky in the fastest sequence were the first time I’d ever seen that. (Hope he posts that PPt presentation on the website so it is down loadable!) Carolaina showed some great log books with “picture, sketch and notes” pages for capturing each object. Fantastic presentation by both of them!

Since Murphy’s Law dictates clouds gravitate towards anyone assembling people for a Messier Marathon, we are preemptively CANCELING next year’s Messier Marathon.

No one will be there.

Not a person.

Don’t even come to CAAS in March of 2011 since we’ll all be…ummm…doing laundry.

-Who was at the Meeting?

13 people were here tonight: Don and Carolaina Ferren, Carl Freyaldenhoven, Kevin Krug, Mike Baker, Pat and Sandy Morris, Jim Fisher, Bill Sanders, Eric Walker, Coy Scott, Wade Van Arsdale, and me…your humble scribe.

-DUES / TShirts via PayPal

A motion was passed authorizing the temporary payment to Andy Reed (Treasurer) via his personal PayPal account (if he is willing) and he will then write a check transferring all funds collected… and pay for all the TShirts plus deposit the annual dues.

Andy, what is your PayPal Account? (I still owe the club $252.80 in collected dues from other members…as I collected more tonight… and I want to pay the Club!)

People can still mail a check to our treasurer:

Andy Reed, 312 Maranes Circle, Maumelle, AR  72113

-Upcoming Events

20 March – Woolly Hollow Star Party

See http://www.caasastro.org for more details.

Blue Skies