The 2009 CAAS Annual Meeting is History!

The 2009 Central Arkansas Astronomical Society (CAAS) Annual Meeting marked the end of the rainiest, cloudiest astronomy season on record. 1 Eighteen members braved mild weather and darkness to attend the festivities. After socializing and sampling seasonal fare, we got down to CAAS business and elected next year’s officers and board members.

They are as follows:

  • President: Carolaina Ferren.
  • Vice-President: Jim Fisher.
  • Treasurer: Andy Reed.
  • Secretary: Bill Engberg.
  • Board Members:  Carl Freyaldenhoven, Don Lewis, John Reed,  and Rocky Togni.

After the voting, we also discussed our new membership in the International Dark Sky Association and some other items of interest for the coming year.
We closed the 2009 Annual Meeting at about 8:30.

1 Based on data collected from a window next to my desk in West Little Rock.