November 2009 Regular Monthly Meeting

President Don Ferren called the meeting to order  at 7 PM, there were 17 members and visitors in attendance.

Old Business:

  • We discussed placing the 8″ SCT in the dome observatory.  The general consensus was that it was a good idea but we were concerned about the size of the building as it was designed for a remote controlled telescope.
  • On November 17th, CAAS will join PMSP for a Leonid Meteor/Star Party.

New Business:

  • Bill Engberg brought us up to date on the progress of the 24″ Dobsonian telescope that he is building.
  • Jim Dixon reminded the group that the next meeting, the Annual Meeting, will be held at Thompson Library on Monday December 14th instead of the normal place and time.
  • The so-called “Beacon of Hope”, was in the news about a week ago.  This project, which intends to project very bright spot lights straight into the air and whcih we thought was dead, is under construction in North Little Rock.  At this time, we really do not know much and need to learn more before attempting any action. We know that the Audubon Society of Central Arkansas is also concerned about this development so we decided to see if they would like to work together to oppose this.

Presentation: John Reed put on a presentation showing us the many cool features of the freeware Celestia planetarium program.

The nominating committee has come up with the following nominations to be voted on at the Annual Meeting. Since there were no other nominations, it ought to be a shoe in.

President: Carolaina Ferren

Vice-President: Jim Fisher

Treasurer: Andy Reed

Secretary: Bill Engberg

New Board Members:  John Reed and Rocky Togni

The meeting let out at about 9 PM.