Minutes from the 8/8/2009 Regular Meeting

President Don Ferren called the meeting to order at 7 PM. There were 13 members and visitors in attendance.

Upcoming items:

  • The AOAS is having a star party at Janet Huckaby Nature Center on 8/15.
  • CAAS is having a  star party at Pinnacle Mountain State Park on 8/22 and another on 9/19.
  • The RRAS is having a Burger Burn in October.
  • The Heart of America Star Party is also in October.

Next month there will be a mini-Astrophotography meeting at 5 PM for anyone who wants to attend.

We discussed the possibility of inviting our neighbors to a CAAS meeting and barbeque. The idea was well received but not date was set.

The Perseid Meteor shower will peak on the coming Tuesday.

Rocky Togni gave a very interesting presentation on variable stars and his recent visit to Adler Planetarium in Chicago.