A Very Successful Late Summer Star Party

CAAS joined Pinnacle Mountain State Park last night (August 22) for a free public star party.  It would be hard to imagine a better night.  The high for the day had been low eighties, the humidity was also low and there were no clouds or wind.  Several CAAS members and others  set up their scopes and welcomed the public (or civilians as we call them).   Soon a large crowd started to arrive, the official estimate from James Mullins was 250 for the evening.  I personally had a long line for Jupiter and then Neptune.  Bill said he never had the opportunity to switch off of Alberio on to something else, there was always someone in line to see it.  The crowd seemed inquisitive and appreciative of our efforts.

I learned last night that our long time friend, James Mullins, is transferring to another office and this event was his last event for Pinnacle Mountain State Park.  He will remain in the park system but will take a more administrative and planning role.  We wish him luck in this new endeavor and will miss him.

Our next public star party is on September 19th 4 weeks from this and since the Sun will be setting sooner will start at 8 PM rather than 9 PM.