Regular Monthly Meeting for September 2008

President John Reed called the meeting to order at 7:15.

Old business:

The star party at Pinnacle Mountain earlier this month was a big success with clear skies and cooler weather. If only they were all that way.

New business:

We will schedule a work party for the date of the next meeting October 11 to prepare the property for winter.  We will water treat the deck, install a new toilet in the bonus bathroom, and mow the grass one last time.

The RRAC Burgerburn is this coming weekend (9/27) at their site near Nashville. Several members have expressed an intention to go.

On November 1, Woolly Hollow State Park is planning to have another Star Party at 8 PM.  Of course they would like us to attend.

CAAS’s participation in the Pinnacle Mountain State Park Master Naturalist program for a second time has been confirmed.  They will be at CAAS on April 11, 2009 which also happens to be a meeting night so we should have plenty of members there to assist.


John Reed gave a good demonstration of a new software product called GeoGebra (pronounced like algebra) which he used to demonstrate good Newtonian collimation.

The meeting adjourned at about 8:30 to the observing fields.