Quandaries of Theoretical Physics Coming up on the 14th

Join us Saturday June 14 at 7 PM at River Ridge Observatory.  If you want to have a pot luck, please send a post saying so to the email list so everyone will know.  If the weather is agreeable, there may be observing in the field.

Member Jason Wallawine will give us a presentation on Cosmology so don’t miss it!

Quandaries of Theoretical Physics

Heim Theory and the return of Aether


One of the great minds of theoretical physics through a turn of events is quickly overshadowed by Einstein and left in the dust in the race for a theory of everything; Grand unification, uniting all of the fundamental forces of the universe. What if you where told a reclusive theoretical physicist named Burkhard Heim may have come closer to the goal than anyother before or after; sorry Mr. Einstein and all of those string theory guys. The life and theories of Burkhard Heim could change the laws of physics and take us to the stars.

Aether, the substance thought to make up the fabric of spacetime for hundreds of years all the way up to the middle of the last century was disregarded as a gross misunderstanding of fundamental physics after special relativity; but what if a similar substance could be used not only to explain dark mater, but to combine dark mater and dark energy into a single entity and bring a new level of order to our understanding of the universe.

Though completely theoretical and in the environment of people being fixed in the “lawsâ€? of physics formulated before the age of space telescopes, super colliders, gravitational wave observatories, and long duration space flight, very controversial; these two theories among many others are working to rewrite the textbooks and flip the world of physics on its head. With sound mathematical bases and testable parameters these theories could change the way we see our universe.


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