Regular Monthly CAAS Meeting


Join us this coming Satuday, April 12th at 7 PM, for the next CAAS meeting. We will be at our normal location, River Ridge Observatory. If you need directions, click the contact button.

The meeting will be preceded by a potluck dinner at about 6 PM.

Presentation: The Space Race and Philately by Rocky Togni   

Timothy Ferris opened his book “Seeing in the Darkâ€? with the excitement of the late 50’s and Sputnik. Living near Cape Canaveral (Now Cape Kennedy) he witnessed many of the U.S. launches in those exciting early days. The Space Race between the United States and Russia served to propel the technologies of both countries and you could say substituted for the Nuclear war between the two super powers that fortunately never happened. It also propelled many youngsters into technological careers and hobbies such as Astronomy. Rocky Togni will present the Space Race as seen through the stamp issues of each country at our regular monthly meeting Saturday April 12. There will be Space stamps for all kids who attend.

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