Minutes from the March CAAS Meeting

It was a cold and clear evening after a news making snowfall in March (yes, March) in Arkansas (yes, Arkansas).

President John Reed called the meeting to order at 7:10

17 members and guests were in attendance.

We welcomed new members John and Carolyn Pittman to their first meeting.  Welcome, John and Carolyn!

Two weeks ago, CAAS hosted a session of the PMSP Master Naturalist program.  Despite the weather, it was a success with John doing a planetarium presentation for the appreciative group.

The February Lunar Eclipse was a bust in Arkansas due to clouds.

Astronomy Day on May 10 is the next scheduled outreach event for CAAS.  Including that, we have six scheduled events for Pinnacle Mountain or Woolly Hollow State parks.

John reminded members of upcoming major star parties – French Camp in Mississippi, Heart of America in Kansas, Texas Star Party, and Okie-Tex.

We discussed the status of the light shed letter project.  Wade has been working on it but non of us were sure of the status.

Don Ferren gave a presentation about Charles Messier and doing a Messier Marathon to attempt to see as many of the objects as one cares to.

Since the weather was so cold, the marathon was postponed to March 29th.  The marathon will be at CAAS.

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