January 12, 2008 Regular CAAS Meeting

After a delicious potluck meal, John Reed called the meeting to order at 7 PM.  There were 12 regular members and 3 visitors in attendance.

Welcome Jason, Samantha, and Dan.  We hope you enjoyed your visit and hope you will make CAAS a habit.

Earlier today we had a work party and board meeting, which was detailed in a previous post.  One thing I will mention is that we now have a pile of scrap and need a member with a truck to volunteer to haul it off.  Thanks in advance.

John gave the treasurer’s report since Pat could not attend.  We start the year in decent shape, especially compared to last year, and have dues still to come in.  As mentioned in the earlier post 2008 will be the year we pay off the note on the class room so like any mortgage, that will help a lot.

The front building is on its last legs and needs serious repair or more likely replacement. Rocky has volunteered to check into the cost of replacement by a prefab building or perhaps a concrete block building.

Bob Stepp and his wife will bring her students out to CAAS on January 25th for instruction.  Any member assistance will be appreciated.

Our first outreach event of the new year will be to participate in the State Park Master Naturalist program on February 23rd.  As we are not sure precisely what is expected of us, John will contact them to find out and report back at the next meeting.

We’ve tentatively scheduled a Messier Marathon at CAAS in March.

Astronomy Day is May 10th this year.

The presentation was a viewing of Ring World 2 from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory about the Cassini Mission to Saturn.

We adjourned at about 8:30, a long day for many of who had come from the work party.  The clouds and rain ruled out any outdoor activities.

Jim Dixon

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