Busy January 12, 2008

First, we have a work party scheduled for the afternoon to do maintenance on the property.  This time of year we always beat back the encroaching woods several feet back beyond the perimeter.  We also take stock of the state of the property to see what else might need to be done soon.  The property is short on tools so please bring your own saws, whackers, etc.  If there is anything you already know that needs to be done, please do come prepared to do so.  The afternoon weather looks like it will be in the mid-50s and cloudy with 5mph winds but only a small chance of rain.  In short, not too bad.

Afterward, at 5 PM we have a Board Meeting scheduled.  Although this is a business meeting, all members are welcome and even encouraged to attend.  Board meetings are the place where you get to make an impact on CAAS if you want to make one.

After the board meeting, nominally at 6 PM, we will have a potluck dinner.  All members and guests and visitors are welcome to join us in the food and socializing.

Finally at 7, we will have our regular monthly meeting.  The scheduled presentation is a viewing of “Ring World 2” a follow-up on the Casinni mission to Saturday. The weather forecast for the evening is cloudy but we can hope for better to allow us to enjoy the sky after the regular meeting.

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